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Grant, Jill L., and Howard Ramos. 2020. "Halifax: Scaling inequality." In Changing Neighbourhoods: Social and Spatial Polarization in Canadian Cities, edited by Jill L. Grant, Alan Walks and Howard Ramos. University of British Columbia Press.

Ramos, Howard and Yoko Yoshida. 2015. "From Away, But Here to Stay? Trends in Why a Cohort of Recent Immigrants Left Atlantic Canada?" Pp. in Warmth of the Welcome: Is Atlantic Canada a Home Away from Home for Immigrants? E. Tastsoglou, B. Cottrell and A. Dobrowolsky [Eds.]. Sydney, NS: CBU press.

Yoshida, Yoko and Howard Ramos. 2013. "Destination Rural Canada: A Basic Overview of Recent Immigrants to Rural Small Towns." Pp. 67-87 in The Social Transformation of Rural Canada: New Insights into Culture, Identity and Collective Action. John R. Parkins and Maureen G. Reed [Eds.]. Vancouver: UBC press.

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