Perceptions of Change Project


Rochelle Wijesingha
PhD Student

Department of Sociology
McMaster University

Rochelle Wijesingha is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University. Her research interests include the social determinants of health, higher education, racial and ethnic relations, and social statistics. Her dissertation examines the factors associated with disparities in tenure and promotion for racialized and female faculty working in Canadian universities.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Wijesingha, Rochelle, Scott Leatherdale, Nigel Turner, and Tara Elton-Marshall. (forthcoming). Risk Factors Associated with Adolescent Online Gambling: Evidence from Three Provinces in Canada. Addictions Research & Theory.

Elton-Marshall, Tara., Rochelle Wijesingha, Taryn Sendzik, Steven E. Mock, Mark van der Maas, John McCready, Robert E. Mann, and Nigel E. Turner. (forthcoming). The Role of Social Context and Social Motivations to Gamble on Problem Gambling among Married and Unmarried Older Adults. Canadian Journal on Aging.

Wijesingha, Rochelle and Howard Ramos. (forthcoming). Human Capital or Cultural Taxation: What Accounts for Differences in Tenure and Promotion of Racialized and Female Faculty? Canadian Journal of Higher Education.

Nakhaie, Reza and Rochelle Wijesingha. (2015). Discrimination and Health of Male and Female Canadian Immigrants. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 16(4), 1255-1272.

Book Chapters

Ramos, Howard and Rochelle Wijesingha. (2017). "Academic Production, Reward, and Perceptions of Racialized Faculty Members", in F. Henry et al., eds. The Equity Myth: Racialization and Indigeneity at Canadian Universities.

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