Perceptions of Change Project


Meghan Gosse
PhD Student

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Dalhousie University
Meghan Gosse is a third year PhD student in the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Dalhousie University in the area of critical health studies. Her research has mainly focused on women's reproductive and sexual health. Meghan has a passion and eagerness for health related research, and has worked on several research projects related to women's health, sexual and domestic violence and rape culture.

Meghan is currently working on a SSHRC funded nation wide research project exploring the unique needs of Indigenous, immigrant and refugee, rural, remote, and northern communities, and children exposed to domestic violence out of the University of Western Ontario. As well, Meghan is also a research assistant for a NSHRF funded project with Dr. Fiona Martin at Dalhousie University examining methadone maintenance treatment programs for pregnant women in Nova Scotia.

Meghan has been a member of the Perceptions of Change project since 2014 and has recently co-authored an article with several members of the research team in the Canadian Geographer on perceptions of neighbourhood change in the HRM.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Gosse, M., Ramos, H., Radice, M., Grant, J. L., and Pritchard, P. 2016. "What Affects Perceptions of Neighbourhood Change?" Canadian Geographer 60(40): 530-540. doi:10.1111/cag.12324

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